There are only a few losses that are as devastating as those caused by fire, so a rapid response to fire damage is required to repair and restore the home or office. At Elite Restorations, we utilize a personalized approach and offer quality residential and commercial fire damage restoration services in the region.

From the initial stages of cleanup and board-ups, we take good care of the property as well as contents, regardless of their present condition. Our staff has immense experience in solving the intricacies involved in the insurance claim process and unique repair requirements of fire loss.

With attention to our clients’ unique needs, we bring their home or property back to pre-loss condition, with quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Our technicians have handled many cases of smoke, water and fire damage repair in the area over the past years. Our proven expertise enables us to respond to any fire damage situation within 24 hours in the form of board-ups and roof repairs.

Even a minor fire can result in significant losses to your home. Fume and soot caused by the burning of household synthetics is difficult to get rid of as it easily spreads through the home and gets stuck on the ceilings and the walls. The highly acidic smoke, combined with water from fireman’s hose can make the belongings unsalvageable in a few days. The water may also lead to the growth of mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria.

At Elite Restorations, we are aware of the importance of protecting furniture and other valuable possessions. If these items are not removed temporarily, they can absorb fumes, soot and other harmful substances. To deal with such circumstances efficiently, we offer quality smoke & fire damage cleaning facilities whereby we can move furniture and other possessions and cleanse them of any such substance. Before getting started with each house fire restoration job, we conduct a thorough review and inspection of your property and then devise a plan to restore your home to its original form.

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